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Carolyn Mitchell

Carolyn Mitchell

Hi! I’m Carolyn

Blue Ridge Expedition Leader

Carolyn grew up in a small swampy town in Florida where she spent her time battling mosquitos and kayaking the misty bayous and creeks. After witnessing her town’s creatures and community struggle in the wake of the BP Oil Spill, Carolyn decided to pursue a career in environmental stewardship. She’s currently a junior obtaining her degree in Environmental Sciences at the University of Central Florida where she also leads wilderness trips for their outdoor program. Some of her personal experiences outside range from sea kayaking in Alaska to spending 2 months as a sheep-herder in Iceland - backpacking through the highlands in hot pursuit of lost lambs. If she’s not exploring a new spring or trail, Carolyn’s probably cracking lame dad jokes or listening to funky music with friends. Carolyn firmly believes that any problem can be cured with belly laughter and a good sunset. She also believes butter pecan is indisputably the best ice cream flavor. This is her first summer at GRP and she can’t wait for the mountain vistas and to meet the awesome campers she’ll be sharing them with!