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Back from the Wilderness

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On the last day of Campout, we all returned from the wilderness, a little older and a little wiser. The lessons learned while backpacking on the Preserve will be vital tools in each of our Campers development, both as outdoors men and women, and as capable human beings. Skills that we think of as simple, like gathering usable firewood and making kindling, are not as commonly known as one might think. Many people nowadays don’t even know how to cook their own food. Now, with only two days and nights of training, our Campers have the know-how on cooking outdoors, for themselves, over nothing but a campfire or backpacking stove setup. Though it rained everyday, at some point, the rain never lasted, and our Campers were able to stay relatively dry.

After two days and nights in the wild, you’d think everyone would be exhausted, ready for a two-day nap. Not so, not with these Campers. Upon the return from the mountains, we all gathered ourselves for a quick lunch, then a delightful 2-hour rest period. I don’t know how much sleep anybody found during that time, but at around 4 o’clock, we all met in the front field to jump around on inflatable ponies and shuck some corn for dinner. Thankfully, everyone tired themselves out just enough for tonight’s relaxing Evening Program–Movie Night, featuring…Shark Tale! Here’s to hoping that we all get some much deserved sleep, after the movie, of course.

Story by Brandon S. Marshall with Photos by Samantha J. Keebler & Brandon S. Marshall