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Opening Day of Session 5

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Welcome to the beginning of the last summer camp session of 2018. A few parents asked if the staff was burnt out or just ready for the season to be over. The truth is, despite this last week being the final countdown, we all embrace these last days with renewed energy, thanks to our new arrivals. With so many new campers, completely fresh to the summer camp experience, we find that their excitement adds a liveliness to the community. While the previous sessions all had around 100 or more campers, Session 5 has 74 campers, total. Being that camp will essentially seem about three-quarters full, I can already tell that getting to know one-another’s names will be a whole lot easier for everyone.

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Right now, our campers are currently learning about swim review and basic swim area etiquette from our revered, Queen of The Lake. It’s a glorified rundown of all the dos and don’ts around the waterfront, because although it’s all about having fun, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Our waterfront coordinator, along with several seasoned lifeguards, are there for all of us, any time the waterfront area is open. Our safety talks go far beyond the lake, as well. Before every hike, every morning, each of our Mentors has their own routine regarding safety and everything we’ll need to keep ourselves free from danger. At any point during the day, or night, our entire staff is continuously looking out for everyone in our community.

As for the rest of day one, we’ve got some cabin time coming up, for anyone who’s in need of a little R&R before dinner. Afterwards, during the last Lower Council Fire of the summer, we’ll gather around the campfire(made with fire-by-friction techniques), tell stories and listen the rhythmic ramblings of The Green River Ramblers. What better way to end the night, than by singing and laughing, together.

Story and Photos by Brandon S. Marshall