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Enjoying the Last Days of Session 4

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It’s the final week of camp, which certainly makes each day feel more precious than the last. But it is, perhaps, most varied because of the sheer opportunity for different experiences of joy each day offers.

Of course, there are the big moments: seeing a bear, getting a Grand Slam, surviving Predator vs. Prey. But each day is made distinct by the smaller moments of celebration which make up a camper’s experience here. Today, it might have been the afternoon snack (giant cookies), or winning the Cleanest Cabin award. For some children, it might be participating in a particular GLP today, or a funny joke, or simply a moment of connection and celebration with another camper or staff member.

Whatever these bright moments might be, they are new and unique every day, even in the midst of a rather structured schedule. And it is these moments that make camp the most memorable and give each child powerful memories to which they might hold on once they go home and return to school. GRP is a place that offers limitless opportunities for these small joys and for moments of unbridled celebration, and we hope our campers might carry this commitment to joy back to the friends and family which surround them at home.

Story by Katherine Poore with Photos by Samantha J. Keebler

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