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Karin Perk

Karin Perk

Hi! I’m Karin


Karin grew up in the suburban piedmont of North Carolina where she spent her days chasing soccer balls, exploring her territory on bike, and talking to animals (mostly dogs, cats, and birds). She studied Biology at Appalachian State University and found her people through involvement with the university’s Outdoor Programs. With them, she began learning to climb rocks, paddle whitewater, and was introduced to GRP (Thanks, Will!). Her very first time staying at an overnight camp was her first summer working with GRP! She loves facilitating outdoor experiences for others and believes that time spent outside, whether playing or just being, is the best medicine for most everything. GRP is one of the places she feels most at home. If you want to know why, you’ll just have to come to camp and ask her or find out for yourself. When she isn’t at camp, she is off on personal adventures missing campers and everything camp entails.