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Pursuit At GRP

Hey, GRP Family! Are you outdoor curious?

Do you hang on every word of your camper’s retelling of adventures on the Preserve, wishing that you could come, too? Or do you find yourself reminiscing about days long passed when you were a camper with sun on your face, dirt on your knees, and fully present in the moment? Are you unsure how to go about trying new outdoor pursuits? We are thrilled to announce that through a partnership with The Outbound Collective, adult adventure camp is coming to Green River Preserve this fall, September 19-22.

For the first time in our history, we will be handing over the proverbial reins at GRP to the immensely capable team behind The Pursuit Series*. For the past two summers, Pursuit has been running outdoor adventure camps for grown-ups in Utah, California and New York. Serendipity brought the scouting team to our doorstep last October, and after spending a few days with Sandy riding around the property in the back of the Polaris, they were smitten with our site and the possibilities it afforded their program. We leaned in to the questions and concerns that accompany the logistics of turning over our magical valley to a third party. After a few hours around the Sunnyside dining table, Sandy gave the green light, acknowledging that our values are common and our goals are interwoven.

So, in about four months, the front field - as the hub of the event - will be festooned with luxury tipi style tents, scattered with fire pits, and anchored by a stage for nightly live music. There will be a myriad of activities to choose from over the three days - trail running, backcountry mixology, yoga, rock climbing, camp stove cooking, AND our signature mentor hikes with a few of GRP’s beloved mentors. Here in the office, we are so excited to kick back and enjoy the weekend. We would love to see you there, too.

You can learn all about the experience here and purchase your tickets for Pursuit at GRP here.

*About The Pursuit Series: The Pursuit Series is an event that celebrates the outdoors with action-packed weekend getaways in beautiful places. Pursuit embraces people from all backgrounds to share in an unforgettable experience that each Pursuer can custom-tailor with activities and educational topics that range from mountain biking to kayaking to introductory seminars on photography or outdoor cooking. Participants choose from a vast number of choices and enjoy a premium experience with professional educators and the best gear.