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The Final Session of 2019

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The last Summer Session of 2019 has begun. We have 64 new campers! The sheer excitement and joy we’ve seen since drop off has been incredible. Campers are ready for all of the great adventures we’ll have this week on the Preserve. The next 5 days will be packed with Mentor Hikes, a vast array of Afternoon Activities and eventful Evening Programs. We’ve already had quite the eventful afternoon, having spotted a black bear sow and her cub walking through the orchard and into the woods. That means we’ve seen one of what is know to us as a “Grand Slaminal.” Basically, if at least one camper and one staff member spot a deer, a bear, a turkey, or a venomous snake, we get a “Grand Slam” and get to enjoy a delectable ice cream party in the Lodge. It’s always just a thrill to see any wildlife at GRP, whether it’s a striped millipede or a an owl, but our “Grand Slaminals” are a tricky combination. It’s always ridiculously hard to spot a deer, but sometimes we get lucky and they jump out right in front of a hike group, which recently happened just last session. Today’s Opening Day schedule of Camp Tours, the Respect Circle and Swim Review all went by without a hitch, and Lower Council Fire was, as always, fun of positive energy and enthusiastic entertainment. For now, we’ll rest up and get prepared in the morning for our first hikes of the final session of the season.

Article and photos by Brandon S. Marshall

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