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Climbing at Bear Rock

My name is Danny Taber. My wife, Courtney Bellissimo, and I are thrilled to be partnering with Green River Preserve to give people the chance to climb Bear Rock and connect with this beautiful land in a unique way. We wanted to share more about ourselves and why we love GRP and climbing at Bear Rock so much. We have both been mentors at GRP for 4 summers but we recently started Mighty Boots Wilderness Project, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to build leadership and confidence through outdoor adventures. Our goal is make nature accessible for everyone and we work to offer free and reduced prices and sponsors for youth in foster care and other under-served populations. We run these programs during the winter months in Arizona and spend the summer and fall as climbing coordinators and mentors at GRP. During these challenging times, we think it is more important than ever to be getting outdoors and finding joy in nature. We are so grateful Mighty Boots has been able to partner with GRP to take advantage of this beautiful, secluded preserve to run a safe and emotionally uplifting climbing program.

Bear Rock is a truly magical place. From a climbing perspective, it is extremely rare, almost impossible to find rock climbing on private property. This means you are guaranteed to not run into a crowd. Green River has 3400 acres of beauty, but the view from Bear Rock is one of the best. There is something very powerful about climbing up a rock to a spot above the tree line and turning around to see the Blue Ridge staring back at you in all it’s wonder. It is the epitome of seeking the joy. Mentally and physically, climbing can change lives. For those of you that need a change of pace or don’t even know what you need during these times, I promise climbing can bring some clarity and well-being. Bear Rock offers a variety of climbs from beginner to advanced so no prior experience is necessary and the view is the same for everyone!

In order to book, please visit the Mighty Boots Webpage

When you pay for an outdoor adventure with Mighty Boots, the money goes directly to supporting two amazing non-profits and helps us to offer free and reduced cost programs to under-served groups. Both GRP and Mighty Boots want to get people outside safely and responsibly. We appreciate your support in achieving our missions and we hope to see you out there.

Seek the joy! Courtney and Danny

See GRP in the Fall

Have you ever imagined what the fall leaves look like at GRP? Now you can find out! Our primitive camping is open for the entirety of the fall! If you want to do some climbing while on property and book a trip with Mighty Boots, you will receive 25% off a campsite rental. Book your camping adventure here!

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