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Leadership in Training Expedition

If you have ever had the good fortune to experience the final Candlelight Ceremony of our oldest campers’ tenure, you understand how difficult it is to say goodbye to camp. Every year, we receive emails from our high school-aged alumni asking about the possibility of volunteering as support staff at GRP. Countless campers who have aged out of base camp themselves ask to help counselors in the cabins, work on the farm, and even clean dishes in the kitchen. These young folks just want to be a part of sharing the magic of camp in some way, shape, or form before heading off to college or on their next adventure.

It is with these new alumni in mind that we are excited to announce our new Leadership in Training Expedition. It is designed for anyone (alumni and new expeditioners alike) who is too old for our Outer Banks and Blue Ridge Expeditions but is not quite old enough to be a counselor. Also, it’s important to note that it is not necessary to be an Expedition alumni to enroll in this program.

The LIT Expedition is open to anyone looking to gain leadership experience and independence. It is a great way to spend a summer at GRP making new friends, gaining experience working with young people, and spending time outdoors. And, it doesn’t hurt that it looks great on applications and resumes.

LITs will have the opportunity to work directly with a cabin group of campers, help plan and prepare for campouts, and assist in teaching activities. They will live in their own cohort and form the deep bonds and connections that are a staple of every GRP Expedition.

Due to its popularity, our first Leadership in Training session is full, but we still have a few spaces in our second LIT session (July 18th - August 12th.)

If you know of a rising 12th grader or rising college freshman who would be interested in this program please help us spread the word. They can register for the LIT Expedition on the GRP website.

If your camper is too young, but still wants to continue on after basecamp and participate in GRP Expeditions, let them know that there is another one to add to the list: LIT.