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Hiking and History

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With each passing day, we find ourselves becoming more and more the cohesive unit that will pave the way for an epic summer on the Preserve. Earlier this morning, we hiked through Hemlock Field to wander in the calming waters of the Green River. Discoveries have been made. Acquaintances have become friends. Experiential learning alongside the knowledge of Mentors and seasoned staff has created a new wave of wonder within the growing energy of our community. After over a year of isolation, we seem to be chiseling away at our armor, allowing our truest selves to be seen again.

Photos by Brandon S. Marshall and Samantha J. Keebler

This afternoon, we were incredibly fortunate to have revered Cherokee historian, storyteller and artist, Davy Arch, honor us with his thoughtful wisdom. There is much to learn and we are on our way to a greater understanding of the land, the people and the culture of this irreplaceable region in North Carolina. Check out the brief clip below to listen to Davy speaking of his youth.

Video by Brandon S. Marshall