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Opening Day is Finally Here

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Now, more than ever before, kids need camp. We’ve been living in a world of separation and anxiety that hit us all by surprise. The way we live our lives has changed and we are here, ready to adapt, ready to provide a safe and enjoyable summer camp experience that will not soon be forgotten, if ever.

As Campers began to flow into GRP earlier today, joyful emotions came flooding back into my heart in multitudes. This place does something to your soul, something that I’ve been trying to explain for nearly half a decade of my life. I’ll never have the words, not all of them, anyway. What I do have are the memories of love and the purest happiness that I have ever seen. At Green River Preserve, you can see a friendship blossom in an instant and realize that it’s a bond that will last a lifetime.

Faces, both new and familiar, spread their gracious smiles across the Preserve today, creating the environment we’ve all been waiting for. This land hasn’t seen such an undeniable ebullience of so many happy campers in far too long. It has begun. The Preserve has awakened. The summer of a lifetime is upon us and we are ready to grow, to challenge ourselves and to find what it means to be our best selves.

Story by Brandon S. Marshall with Photos by Samantha Keebler & Brandon S. Marshall