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Treasured Time

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Any time I am able to spend time at Green River Preserve is a treasure, but this week has been a special treat for me. My grandson is here for his first week as a new camper, and he is having a blast!

During recent weeks and months of little activity and little interaction except for family and close friends, this week’s camp experience has given him (and me) a new freedom rarely experienced recently. He has been able to participate in all the activities he wanted, swim at every opportunity, try out new experiences and make new friends. All with “Gramma Linda” only watching from afar and letting him be “his own man.” We see each other briefly at mealtimes and rejoice in the goodness the Preserve has afforded us both.

As a Camp Mom during the week, I have the satisfaction of being a participant in helping camp run smoothly for the staff and campers and even get some time off for a hike and “poking my nose in” to explore other arts, crafts and activities.

Everyone is always friendly and knowledgeable at Green River Preserve, eager that each camper and staffer experience “their best me” while exploring the vast riches of the Preserve. The interconnectedness of humanity with nature and with each other is a constant theme, and we learn that “we do better when [everyone else] does better, too” (to borrow a phrase).

I certainly hope that he will be able to return often. I will be sure to make myself available as needed to make that a possibility!

Story by Linda H. Lamphier with Photos Brandon S. Marshall & Samantha Keebler