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Welcome Home

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I wake to the sound of rain pattering gently down upon the leaves surrounding the buildings of GRP. Soon after, while walking to a late breakfast, the clouds break, giving way to a deep blue sky that seems to breathe new life back into the world.

Today marks the beginning of Session 3, and Mother Nature is totally aware of the magic that is soon to show. This is, after all, the ultimate GRP experience. We’ll hike the steepest trails, make our way to the farthest reaches of the wilds of the Preserve and wake early for what could surely be the most beautiful sunrise of all time. With each smile given, our energy is fueled. Laughter shared among the few becomes happiness felt throughout the entire community. Every step forward gives us the feeling that we can do anything. Reverence for this place has been felt in overwhelming abundance from the drop of the gates this afternoon. Long time GRPers have come home and we are thankful for the chance to be here with all those who’ve returned to be the magic, once more.

Story by Brandon S. Marshall with photos by Samantha Keebler and Brandon S. Marshall

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