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OBX Adventures

OBX 2 is off and running! We have had a fabulous first few days on the coast. OBXers spent the first couple days getting acclimated to their sea kayaks, learning strokes, and practicing rescues. We had a lovely paddle up the White Oak River before we headed down to the sound to watch a beautiful fireworks show over the water.

Yesterday we went out into Bogue Sound for our first days in the salty beach air, circumnavigating Huggins Island. We stopped on Shark Tooth Island for some swimming, and of course, as the name suggests, fossilized shark tooth hunting. Today we ventured a bit further, out to Bear Island where we got the first taste of playing in the ocean. Tired and hungry from a pristine day on an untouched coastline, we returned to our base camp in Stella, NC for a cookout feast! Tomorrow we will use the rainy day to rest up, pack, and reset and will depart for what I am sure will be a magnificent five day trip to Cape Lookout and Shackleford Banks.

The OBX crew has jumped into this expedition with open hearts and open minds and are soaking in every minute. We can’t wait to head out on our big adventure this weekend!

Blog and Photos by Sara Gerall

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