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The Heart of The Culture

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After several days of exploration and outdoor learning, one half of camp has departed for Campout, while the other half will spend their last full day at Base Camp, reveling in the magic.

The fast friendships made here never cease to astound me. In only 5 days, campers have found who might very well become lifelong friends. It’s wonderful to see a group of people so bonded so swiftly, without effort, and with a grace that doesn’t seem to come so easily as an adult. I think it has something to do with vulnerability. Here, we really can be ourselves. We can ask silly questions without judgment. We know that if we fall down, there will be someone there to help lift us back up. It’s not just close friends that we can count on, either. It’s the whole community. We seek out the opportunity to bring someone joy, to connect with other happy souls.

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The heart of the culture of GRP is often what can make the soul happiest. You can feel it in the songs sung around the campfire or while walking the hill to Upper Council Fire. You can see it in the humble commitment of our Mentors and Counselors to teach and inspire the next generation of environmental stewards. You can find it in the moments in-between, while walking across the dam up to the Lodge for mealtime or while waiting for Mentor Hikes in the Back Field every morning. There is a feeling of weightlessness here, along with a magical electricity that crackles through the air we breath. It’s the Green River Valley and it’s the place where we all take hold of the time we get to be everything we want to be.

Story by Brandon S. Marshall with photos by Samantha Keebler & Brandon S. Marshall

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