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The Light We Shine

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We’ve wrapped up another amazing summer at GRP. Campers left today, to return to the world outside this magical realm of the Preserve. They’ll tell stories of adventures overflowing with vibrant expression and tales of wonder, jollification, and times spent with their new best friends. Summer seems to always end in a flash. Before we know it, the last day is here and we’re overwhelmed by the power of the light that shone through each and every minute. Campers, we thank you for bringing the magic back this season, after an especially long year, for a summer that is neverending in our hearts.

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It started with an explosion of light, a light that shone for the entire summer in our little corner of the Blue Ridge Mountains. We were the light. The Campers were the light. The conversations, the helping hands, the moments of laughter shared were are all segments of that light that can best be described as real-life magic. It does exist, despite what the critics might say. At times the magic can be the most visible element of Green River Preserve. We make it by being there for each other, by picking up pieces of microtrash(way to go, Thomas!), or by simpply smiling and being wholly present. Although camp may be over for the summer, the light remains in everything we’ve experienced, in all that we’ve done.

Long live summers like this.

Story by Brandon S. Marshall with photos by Samantha Keebler & Brandon S. Marshall

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It’s hard to believe that it’s time to start looking ahead to next summer. With that being said, we will open online registration for Summer 2022 for all interested families on September 1st. We encourage you to apply early to ensure that your camper attends their preferred session or expedition. Based on enrollment this summer we expect sessions and expeditions to fill quickly.

So, set an alarm for September 1st - 3 weeks from today and click on our application link here. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. In a sea of summer options for your child, we are grateful that you continue to choose Green River Preserve.