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A New Day Dawning!

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Our enthusiastic environmental stewards embarked on another full day of Base Camp, complete with mentor hikes, activities, and the highly-coveted rest hour. Campers traveled far and wide to waterfalls, caves, balds, and everywhere in between. Between Archaeology and Upper Bald, Uncles and Long Rock, our adventurous souls returned covered in dirt and smiles to a wonderful lunch. Having fed their curiosity and their bellies, the kiddos spent the rest of the day exploring new activities or old hobbies until the most magical of evening programs… Predator-Prey!

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Each cabin transformed into an important link of our food chain: Hawks, Snakes, Frogs, and Insects. Decked out in neon or camo, our campers scampered through the woods collecting food, water, and shelter resources while stealthily avoiding detection by the other animals. If spotted by an animal higher on the food chain, groups would slither, hop, or crawl away as fast as they could to avoid being eaten, while the chasers would try their best to achieve a “successful attack” (tagging 2 fleeing campers). What a wonderful way to teach campers how the ecosystem around us works! Together, we can gain an appreciation for all our creatures inside and outside of GRP, and try our best to protect them as they live their lives. Our lovely bugs, frogs, snakes, and hawks magically turned back into campers when the bell rang out, but will continue to pursue understanding for our animal friends and their hunt for resources and survival.

Story by Claire McDonald with photos by Brandon S. Marshall & Samantha Keebler