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Camp Life

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After an eventful Wacky Wednesday followed by an Evening Relay and our fourth full day of camp festivities, campers are really starting to get into the swing of things and embrace their new rituals. We’ve already been on four exciting mentor-led hikes highlighting the wonders of the natural world and sparking a curiosity we hope to expand upon further during this weekend’s two-night Campout. The fun that will bring entails a hike through Green River Preserve’s awe-inspiring landscape full of trying (and afterwards rewarding) terrains full of an abundance of wildlife; odds are we will spot another one of our Grand Slam animals (bear, turkey, venomous snake (seen), and deer (seen)) and be just one step away from our ice cream party to commemorate the occasion.

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Campers will get back just in time to celebrate the Fourth of July with all the GRP family; we will be throwing a Mountain Beach Party full of field games, water slides, sweet treats, and wide smiles! On top of all that, we will end the night with a reverent lantern ceremony as we all send them off into the night sky (don’t worry, they’re biodegradable). Once returned and well-rested we will get back into our regularly scheduled afternoon activities which actively engage and inspire the campers to pursue areas of interest such as outdoor living skills, pottery, arts & crafts, canoeing, rock climbing, team-building, marksmanship, and many more exciting endeavors. Whatever activity or project the campers get involved in, one thing is for sure, they’ll be spending their time enjoying GRP’s beautiful environment with GRP’s beautiful community and making many memories and friends along the way!

Story by Peyton Courtney with photos by Brandon S. Marshall & Samantha Keebler