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Predator v. Prey

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At the beginning of each session, the entire camp comes together to spend the evening playing a game where campers learn about the food chain. In the game, each cabin is given an animal to become for the evening; an insect, a frog, a snake or a hawk. Campers of all ages wait with eager anticipation to find out if they will be the ferocious predator or the sly prey. Insects, frogs and snakes walk into the game dressed in camouflage colors or with leaves and sticks in their hair to blend into the surroundings of the forest while the hawks show up in bright or neon colors to assert their dominance as the top of the food chain.

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Predator v. Prey teaches campers about the natural food chain and how difficult surviving can be on some animals by having a natural order to the animal groups. The hawks are the highest groups on the food chain as they cannot be tagged, but have the ability to tag any other group of animals. The snakes can only be tagged by the hawks, but can tag both the frogs and insects. The frogs are susceptible to tagging from both the hawks and the snakes, but can only tag the insects. The insects are then left to be tagged by all of the other groups. These different roles create a balanced mix of a classic game of “Tag” and “Hide and Seek” where the predator’s goal is to tag prey and the goal of the insects is to hide from all predators.

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This game is a fan-favorite among many campers because of the excitement of exploring the land while either hiding from predators or seeking the prey. Campers are always so excited to take leadership roles by holding the map or leading the group along the perimeter trail surrounding Basecamp while completing their groups goals. Regardless of their status on the food chain, Predator v. Prey always brings smiles to the faces of the campers.

Story by Kaley Tritt with photos by Samantha Keebler & Brandon S. Marshall

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