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The Magic of Session 3

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With just under a week remaining of the three week session; the energy, excitement, and overall magic is in full swing here at GRP. While all of the campers are enjoying the last few Mentor Hikes, the final days of activities, and some of their favorite evening programs, no one can appreciate these few remaining days quite like those who are aging out of Base Camp.

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Many of the campers that are aging out this year have been a part of the Green River Preserve community for five, six, or even seven years. These campers that have continuously returned to our summer camp have developed a deep love and reverence for the land, the community, and the traditions that are held at GRP.

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Something that has been amazing to witness with this session in particular is how the majority of the campers are so aware of the traditions that are followed here. In the opening days, many of the oldest campers took a hold of leadership opportunities by leading camp tours, explaining the idea of “Family Style” dinners, and offering helpful tips of encouragement during activities such as climbing or BB Skeet.

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As the session comes to an end, there is a kind of energy that emanates from the cabins that are completing their final session as campers at GRP. From leading songs on the bus rides and at meal times, to dancing around the lodge and doing each activity and evening program with so much love and energy, these campers are truly making the most of their final session.

Story by Kaley Tritt with photos by Samantha Keebler & Brandon S. Marshall