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To Our Fullest Potential

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Less than two weeks of summer camp remains and we’re ready to live it up to our fullest potential. This is the final act; the epic conclusion to the story of summer 2022. Some call it the homestretch. For us, it is the culmination of months of hard work and dedication to bringing out our best selves in every possible way. In a way, these final sessions are more bittersweet than any of us could have anticipated. Quite soon, before we know it, the summer will come to an end. What remains are the next 11 days of positive energy and the excitement for every bit of the experiences to come.

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As it is, we have one 2-week and one 1-week session running concurrently, with a range of new campers and many returners, as well. Some of these campers aren’t even aging out this year and they’re already as tall or taller than their counselors. Some are eagerly awaiting the discoveries at hand, from explorations on Mentor Hikes to the unknown, to the enchanting wonderment in the reverence of Council Fires. Here, there is so much life to live. So much to see, to feel, and to make our own. Over and over, here at the Preserve, folks have told me there is something about this place that makes it different from any other setting in the world. It’s almost inconceivable that so many have had such an impact imparted on themselves from their experiences here, whether they be shared or wholly personal. Friendships created here really can last forever and with every new memory, there is more to hold on to, more of us that we are able to grow into. I cannot imagine a world without magic, now that I have seen it here. What’s even more incredible is that we have campers here to see and feel it for the very first time, and we are overjoyed to create (and capture) all of the beautiful memories.

Story by Brandon S. Marshall with photos by Brandon S. Marshall & Samantha Keebler