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Moments Become Memories

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Session 2 wrapped up this morning after nearly two weeks of adventures and fun in our little corner of the Blue Ridge Mountains. We hiked to spectacular cascades and mountaintop views of the Green River Valley from Lower and Upper Bald peaks. We were so lucky to have had incredible weather for the first several days, making lots of space for daily hikes and activities to go exactly as planned. The last few days were a bit darker and rainy, yet remarkably, our sense of excitement and general feelings of happiness seemed unwavering. During these kinds of days, we can count on each other to be there to lift up our moods and keep on having the best time ever. There are a great many folks who’d look outside and think, “Nope.” Not here, though. Here, we go all out for the time that we have because we know our time here is short and that every second counts. At the moment, dozens of campers are heading home, already retelling the epic tales of their experiences here on the Preserve. While the world away from this setting isn’t quite what it should be, we can always count on this place and the people that make GRP whole to create a community where everyone feels included and can be themselves through and through. Only in this way can we truly be our best selves. Thanks for an unforgettable session, campers!

Story by Brandon S. Marshall with photos by Samantha Keebler & Brandon S. Marshall