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Feels like Home

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We are the wild ones. The students. The teachers. The dreamers and the doers. The singers and the songwriters. Adventurers and explorers. Seekers of truth and all things known to humankind. Quick to question, quick to help. The foundation of respect laid out by the Woodcraft Laws and the culture of kindness at GRP create the structure for a deep-rooted community with values that lift everyone up towards a place where we feel like ourselves at our very best.

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In a world often influenced by social expectations, there is something truly liberating about being here. GRP creates a safe haven that allows individuals to embrace their authentic selves. It’s an environment that encourages self-discovery, personal growth, and the empowerment to be uniquely and unapologetically yourself.

We’ve been hiking the trails and backpacking on the land. We’ve seen three out of four Grand Slam animals and have only yet to see a deer! Tomorrow we’ll begin Group Learning Projects, ranging from rock climbing to flute making. We’re nearing a week remaining in the 3-week session, and the time is flying by.

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Writing by Brandon S. Marshall with photos by Brandon S. Marshall & Samantha Keebler