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Whispers of Spring

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As GRP sheds its gray winter cloak, the first whispers of spring breathe life into the sleepy landscape. The air, still crisp with the memory of frost, begins to warm, coaxing the earliest buds to unfurl. The forest floor, a broad canvas of brown and neutral tones, begins to speckle the undergrowth with the delicate whites and yellows of spring flowers, promising the season’s arrival.

The quiet creeks murmur secrets of the spring as they carve their way through an awakening woods. Scents of damp earth mingle with the subtle fragrance of new growth, a perfume that assures renewal. In these early days, the sun lingers a little longer, casting golden hues over the Blue Ridge Mountains, and the world feels on the cusp of a great transformation.

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The Preserve’s residents, both human and wildlife, stir with anticipation. Birds begin their serenades, each note a celebration of the coming warmth. Peepers (frogs) start their nightly cacophony along the creeksides and throughout the Front Field, just before dark. The community, too, emerges from the quiet of winter, ready to embrace the outdoor adventures that lie ahead in the lush greenery and the clear waters of our valley.

Story and photos by Brandon S. Marshall

In the arms of our awakening trees, Colorful blossoms unfurl with ease. A springtime whisper floats in floral form, Nature’s artwork, beautifully warm.

They dot the branches, a scarlet tide, Where winter’s touch will now subside. Each petal’s blush, a vibrant cheer, Signaling spring is finally here.

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