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Hi, I’m Junebug!

Senior Mentor

A Native of New England, Junebug began her love of nature fishing with her grandpa in Maine. As a counselor at camp in the Berkshire mountains of Massachusetts, she taught horseback riding and waterfront skills. Junebug graduated a scientist, from Wheaton College in Norton, Ma. Her curiosity led her to study with Tom Brown jr for a decade and then with Rosemary Gladstar learning how to curate her love of plants and health into an herbal practice. She has explored the world learning plants and healing practices from different traditions. Junebug shares her love of joy and play with the children at camp while also passing down homestead skills. Helping people trust their inner wisdom is what launches her out of bed each morning with a smile. A senior mentor for a decade at GRP, junebug loves watching campers become conservation minded, evolving into counselors and mentors and honoring the respect we hold dear at GRP.