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Geoffrey Whitesides

Farm Manager

Geoffrey first came to Green River Preserves in 2017 for the yearly farm event, and he quickly became enamored with GRP’s mission and process.

He has been involved in regenerative agriculture for close to a decade now and professes a love for working with the land. His personal journey into sustainable agriculture began in 2007 in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. It was there that he saw how powerful small scale, diversified production of food could be. From the farmer, to the market, the kitchen: it is a system that values food through local cultivation and—most importantly—the local community.

He is incredibly happy to call GRP home and to also have the opportunity to teach others about the responsibility and connection we have with the food and land, and how important it is that we encourage and strengthen that relationship. He believes that, as a community, we must nurture and encourage that spark of curiosity, and in doing so, we build a brighter future. He sees it as an enormous bonus that he gets to do all of that while getting to feed people delicious food as well!