Week 2 with our Leadership Expedition

Week Two: Giving them the tools to succeed

After a well deserved rest from the backpacking trip, the expeditioners met their cabins that they would be matched to for the three week session, started trail building, and learned how to lead canoe, mountain biking, and climbing adventures at GRP!

The week started out with a morning coffee discussion about communication from our expedition book, Crucial Conversations, then it was Mountain Biking Monday! The expeditioners were instructed in a two hour session on how to ride a mountain bike and all of them really took to the sport!

It’s a good thing they like to bike because this year’s Trail Blazers Expedition Service Project is building a beginner’s mountain bike course behind the Bomb Shelter at GRP basecamp. After understanding the mechanics and joy of the mountain bike, they set to work on clearing the trail.

On Terra Nova Tuesday, they learned how to lead a canoe trip on Terra Nova Lake, just down the road from GRP. After trail building in the afternoon, the team was rewarded with a private dinner at the Farm with Farmer Phil. The expeditioners picked herbs and vegetables for their homemade pizzas that they would fire in a clay oven. Everyone said that their pizza was they best they has ever had.

The following days the expeditioners learned climbing, problem solving, stress management, and public speaking while trail building in the afternoon. The Fourth of July was spent with the camp at a Shindig dancing to music and playing games.

On Friday, it was time to pack their backpacks again and go on a two-night Campout with their cabins! The expeditioners felt confident in their abilities to help out after their four-day backpacking trip at the beginning of the session. While none of the Grand Slam animals were spotted during campout, it wasn’t for lack of trying.

We are now halfway through our expedition and excited to take on the challenges that are ahead!