Always Something New

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Another day of Session 2 is coming to an end. For most of our campers, the day was familiar - Breakfast, a morning Mentor Hike, Lunch and Rest Hour, two activity periods, Free Time before Dinner, and a favorite evening program, Shin-Dig. It’s the same tried and true schedule GRP has followed since I was a camper, and even our newcomers quickly settle into the rhythm of things. But the really cool thing about GRP is that there is always - and I mean always - something new.

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Our experienced climbers got to try climbing the tower with blindfolds. Our seasoned hikers bushwhacked to a fresh feed plot and managed to sneak up on a turkey (side note: we are already halfway to a Grand Slam!). Our veteran botanists found fresh plants to sample on the way to Uncle’s Falls, and many renewed their membership in the Polar Bear Club. It’s one thing that brings campers new and old together, letting them share excitement during meals over hitting the dream shot in archery for the first time or finally starting a fire by friction. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been at GRP for six straight years or a day and a half; there’s always a new trail, activity, or friend to make each summer, and every day, something special.

Story by Lillie Wright with photos by Brandon S. Marshall