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Campout Continues

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The adventure of Campout continues into the night and our Campers will return to Base Camp tomorrow morning. Earlier, each backpacking group departed one campsite to journey to another and set up camp for one last night in the open air, under the stars. With some thunderstorms in the mid-afternoon, there was a bit of time spent under shelters–playing games, reading and resting–and after the darker clouds moved away, there was room for exploration, curiosity and wonder. Campout brings all of us closer to the earth and gives us a new sense of what it is to live among the trees.

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Right about now, our Campers are likely around the warm, flickering light of a campfire, toasting marshmallows for s’mores. Maybe they’re winding down after a long day of backpacking, making camp and cooking wood-fired pita pizzas. Either way, it’ll be that time soon, when all of us dim our lanterns and turn down for the night.

Article and photos by Brandon S. Marshall