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From Now On

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Unbelievably, it’s the last full day of Session 1. We’ve all had the chance to Polar Bear in the rushing flow of Uncle’s Creek Falls or take the Polar Plunge in the serene waters of the Green River. The scenes captured in our memories from atop Lower Bald will keep our adventurous hearts inspired until next time. An infinite joy is seeping through camp, knowing that we are now all part of something that will last until the end of time. Our Campers know now that we are a family, from now on. This is their home away from home, a place to be themselves and grow, year after year.

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Tonight, we’ll end the evening with a reverent Upper Council Fire, followed by the Candlelight Ceremony. It’s a bittersweet day and night–a time when all of us are happy to have made so many friendships and learned so much from one-another, yet, we all know that the feeling of departure is soon to come. The good news is, there’s always next year, and I know most of us can’t wait.

Article by Brandon S. Marshall with Photos by Samantha J. Keebler & Brandon S. Marshall