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Grand Slam!

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Nobody could’ve predicted we’d be so lucky to see a deer on Campout. There were other sightings, of course, like a black bear, multiple copperheads and a plethora of red efts. What’s so special about the deer is that it was all we needed for a Grand Slam, which–for those of you who don’t know–means that we earned ourselves an Ice Cream Party! After Campers returned from their 3-day/2-night backpacking adventure, we all settled down for some chicken fingers, fresh salad and then proceeded to enjoy heaps of chocolate and vanilla ice cream topped off with drizzles, crushed Oreo’s and whipped cream. It’s a wonderfully delicious way to reward the accomplishment of seeing all four of the Grand Slaminals.

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The return from Campout coincides with the sense that the end of Session 2 is coming up soon. The next four days will be jam-packed with Mentor Hikes and Mountain Biking, full-day Group Learning Projects and plenty of fun Evening Programs, like Capture the Flag and Pirate Night. As for this evening, we’ll gather around a projector in the Lodge for a relaxing Movie Night full of laughter and popcorn.

Article and photos by Brandon S. Marshall