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Happiness is Contagious

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The number of smiling faces seen today, by any given person, is beyond measure. From hikes, to activities, to the evening programs, we’ve all become a close knit family in just a few days. I think we could all go the rest of the summer with one another, here at camp, and never get bored. Small moments of laughter shared and the feeling of closeness to everyone are present every second of the day, from the first clang of the morning wake-up bell, to the last walk back to Cabinville at the end of the night. Though there might be a cold front slowly creeping in, our hearts are warm and alive with the formation of new forever-friends and memories that will last a lifetime.

Although much of the happiness is shared at camp, there’s always the individual triumphs that spur an inner confidence that shows us all that we can be proud of who we are. Maybe it’s making it up the Climbing Tower for the first time of sling-shooting off the zip-line, drawing a masterpiece or finding just the right Spirit Stone, there are self-guided breakthroughs of finding ourselves that gives our Campers a chance to connect with themselves, as well. With all of the comradery and personal growth that occurs daily during camp life, we’re all sure to be smiling about our experiences here, long after the end of camp.

Article and photos by Brandon S. Marshall

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