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The Moments That Last

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I can’t imagine life getting any better than it is here, at GRP. Every experience here lasts a lifetime and it truly changes us, forever. Connections are felt more deeply, whether it’s between us and the forest, each other or ourselves. There are struggles, but we struggle as one. There are times when triumphs after persistence and hope bring us to the top of the Climbing Tower or up the steepest trail, and we share in these times together, in the way people share a genuine smile. All of us are bound to one-another, that’s just the way it is now. Whether we know it or not is for each of us to decide, but the feeling is there. We are brothers and sisters that eat, breath and live together in a setting that is unlike any other. This community shines with the sun and the “liquid sunshine”, alike. The world is different outside the boundaries of the Preserve and we all realize that during our stay in this wondrous oasis, we can all be exactly who we are and that alone makes us all the happiest we can be.

Story and photos by Brandon S. Marshall