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The Start of Session 3

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The quintessential summer camp experience has begun. It’s the start of Session 3, GRP’s most expansive Summer Camp program. Up ahead of us, we have a glorious three weeks mapped out. Of course, much of this session will be a lot like any other. We’ll go on Mentor Hikes and Afternoon Activities, we’ll have a myriad of Evening Programs, and we’ll all get to have an epic ice cream party if we see all four of the Grand Slaminals(a bear, a deer, a turkey and a venomous snake). The key difference is the fact that we have so much time to do so much more. As for hikes, our Campers will have the chance to do some actual rock climbing on the Preserve, at what’s known as Bear Rock. We’ll even have some hikes go out to Fawn Lake, to swim and enjoy a new location, as well. Having so many evenings for Evening Program, we’ll all get to do just about everything that we can do after the sun goes down, from Capture the Flag to the Mountain Party and more. Before our Group Learning Projects begin, we’ll all get to hangout at High Falls in DuPont State Forest–a truly scenic/massive waterfall. Before the session ends, we’ll all wake up early to hike to Pretty Place, to watch the sunrise, with reverence for what it is and all that we’ve done during our time here. It’s going to be a busy few weeks, that’s for sure!

Article and photos by Brandon S. Marshall

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