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DuPont Day: Part I

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It’s Part I of DuPont Day! This means that earlier today, half of camp loaded up onto a couple of buses to venture into DuPont State Forest, while the other half of camp will get a chance to go tomorrow. We hiked for a short time, then took over the swimming hole at the bottom of the 120-foot cascade of High Falls. It’s always a mystery what awaits, when we arrive. Will it be packed with other friends and families enjoying the falls? Not this time. Today, we had the whole place to ourselves, out of sheer luck and the fact that we got there at 10:00 am on a Monday. The water level was perfect for getting right into the flow at the base of the falls, so we laughed and played for a while, then our lifeguards gave the signal for departure.

Oh yeah, did I mention llamas? We hung out with a few just before leaving DuPont. Can’t wait to see what Part II of DuPont brings tomorrow!

Article by Brandon S. Marshall with photos by Brandon S. Marshall & Samantha Keebler

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