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“Crackle crackle WHOOSH!” “Sup, Bros.” “Waste not, want not!” “They’re out there…” “That’s where all the vitamins are!”

GRP has, quite possibly, hundreds of these sayings–let’s call them “GRP-isms.” You’ll often hear them during mealtimes, when we’re visited by one of our many superheroes (cue “ooh-ah, Ort Report, ooh-ah Ort Report say what” and “mediocricity…mehhhh”), as we prepare to meet our Mentors for a pre-hike debrief (“Sizzle me timbers,” “Argh, wristband,” and, a new favorite, “Staff porch: YOU SHALL NOT PASS”), or when we hit a milestone in our search for the four grand slaminals (“Woah, we’re halfway there, woah, living on a prayer”). It takes a few days to get used to them, but before long a room of around a hundred campers is enthusiastically yelling, “ooh, creepy!” at our resident creepy fox. Most of these sayings have been around since I was a camper back in the 2000’s, and they positively scream classic GRP. It’s like having a bunch of inside jokes with everyone in the room; remembering a saying for the first time is quite the accomplishment, and it’s another way we help campers new and old feel settled into the GRP life. Plus, they’re just plain fun.

Story by Lille Wright with photos by Brandon S. Marshall & Samantha Keebler

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