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Into the Mountains

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Campout is underway, with several backpacking groups trekking to various locations all over the Preserve. Mentors, counselors and campers will spend the night under stars after having made camp in the Blue Ridge Mountains. This particular excursion gives our campers the chance to make their own shelter, prepare their own food and gather fresh water to be purified, all with the helpful guidance of our staff. Skills will be learned. Trials and tribulations will be overcome.

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Having visited a couple of the campsites along the Green River, it’s plain to see that our campers are made for this journey. Their shelters are up and pita-pizzas are being cooked atop flat-cooking stones, heated by the blazing coals of the fires made earlier in the day. As for tonight, the forecast calls for clear skies–something that never seems to happen on Campout. Sweet dreams, campers!

Article and photos by Brandon S. Marshall