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The Variety Show

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In my few years at GRP, I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a beautiful, cohesive and engaging Variety Show, such as the one we had last night. All in all, I believe there were around 20 acts that lasted a little over an hour. We may have been gathered in the Lodge, but it sure felt like we were witnessing up-and-coming talents on stage at the local theater. An all-star cast of campers took to the spotlight, enthralling the crowd with original songs, jokes, displays of instrumental expertise and more. The laughter was halted only by the beauty of songs sang with such heart that nothing could be heard past the sound of the singers voice.

At the Variety Show, our campers are given a chance to shine their light, to reveal hidden talents and to revel in the delights of performing in front of a close-knit group of friends. We always value challenge by choice, so if an act is canceled last minute or somebody changes their mind about their particular act, that’s totally okay. It’s tough to get up and perform, in front of any crowd, so for those who did or didn’t end up starring in the show, everyone at GRP loves and supports you all. For those who sang, you touched the hearts of everyone listening. For those who jested or joked, you made us giddily laugh, to our cores. For those who just got up to do something with friends, to have a good time or to try something new, thanks for the perpetual smiles.

Story and photos by Brandon S. Marshall

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