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The End of Summer

It’s always hard to write this last blog of summer. There really aren’t words that perfectly describe how amazing it’s been. We’ve shared countless laughs and made a remarkable journey together. During Mentor Hikes, we’ve seen the wonders of nature in a way that you can’t experience anywhere else. Our team of naturalists brings our campers into the woods with curious and thoughtful eyes, ready to embark on their own adventures after GRP. I think that may be why the Preserve is so important–the things we do here and the people we become are what makes our futures. We think of everything differently after the time we’re given to be our best selves, here, where the world outside doesn’t force us to be anything but who we are. There isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t gather wisdom and knowledge, from Mentors, Counselors and each and every camper that graces us with their presence, their words and their smiles.

Seek the joy of being alive.

Article by Brandon S. Marshall with photos by Brandon S. Marshall & Samantha Keebler