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Time Flies

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Well, folks, Closing Ceremonies have come and gone. It was a beautiful last day on the Preserve, full of laughter and good fun. Of all the GLPs I can’t think of one that seemed more enjoyable than all the rest. Each was remarkably fascinating in it’s own way. Flute making with Senior Mentor, Hawk, was both instructional and exciting, with campers working together with torches and tools to create their own one-of-a-kind bamboo flute. During “Save the Egg,” campers and staff fashioned devices that would essentially protect a raw egg from a 40-foot drop from the top of the Climbing Tower. Incredibly, out of around a dozen contraptions, each unique and well thought out, only two didn’t survive the fall. In the Front Field, “Accio Adventure” gave us all a real-world look at what Quidditch looks like when played without the use of actual magic. Pie-makers whipped up a batch of 10 different and delicious pies to enjoy before dinner–everything from scratch, except for that one Hershey bar/marshmallow-topped slice of heaven. More than anything, the kids had a blast. Some groups worked to reshape the Pioneer Garden, in the Back Field, while the “Rock n’ Read” GLP gave campers the option to climb in the Bouldering Cave or up the Climbing Tower, or even to just chill out in their hammocks. Any way you look at it, this didn’t seem like a last day, until Evening Program, it seemed a day like any other. With the Candlelight Ceremony over, now it’s final. Only breakfast, a quick cabin cleanup and then pickup remain. For all the time that’s gone by, it feels like campers just arrived the other day. Time flies when you’re having fun.

Article and photos by Brandon S. Marshall