We Belong at GRP, Fall Annual Fund 2021

Dear Friends of Green River Preserve,

Green River Preserve remains steadfast in its mission to inspire environmental stewards through a joyful connection to nature. Despite the challenges across the globe and in the lives of our community members, so much joy, positivity, and play were created at camp over the last year. We are extremely humbled and inspired by the generosity and stalwart support our donors extended to us. This generosity empowered GRP to increase scholarships to campers and holdfast to our belief that ALL children benefit from time spent in the wilderness. Thank you.

After being dragged, white-knuckled, through the past couple of years navigating so many unknowns, we finally feel that we have made it through the worst of the pandemic. As an organization, we get to look ahead and plan intentionally versus the reactionary mindset that the past two years has demanded. A consistent theme of BELONGING has been with us during this time. Belonging is defined as a feeling of deep relatedness and acceptance; a feeling of “I would rather be here than anywhere else.” So many times we witness this theme radiate throughout our campers, and, in this summer of rebuilding, it echoed on The Preserve.

We want it to keep echoing. We want it to remain in our community’s soul. We want to increase that sense and invite others to participate in that feeling of belonging at GRP. In the last year, we have had 10 alumni and camper families donate $18,232.59 to the scholarship fund. Of that amount, $5,000 were earmarked for supporting Black, Brown, or Indigenous children. Why is this important? Because it increases our goal to provide more opportunities for more children to spend time outdoors in community.

We humbly ask that in this season of giving, you consider contributing to GRP. Help us in this meaningful work of increasing our community, our diversity, and continuing to invite all to feel a sense of belonging on The Preserve.

Seek the Joy Always,

Anne & Stephen Mead Directors