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A Day in the Life

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This morning, Green River Preserve was coated in a blanket of mist as the campers made their way to breakfast. As breakfast ended, the campers were surprised by a guest appearance from Dr. Dodo, who brought new information about the Eastern Screech Owl. You could feel the excitement for the day growing as Mentor Hikes were announced, then the children split up to join their hike leaders to learn about their upcoming adventure. The variety of hikes always offers something new to learn and experience, not to mention the possibility of seeing a Grand Slam animal. With a host of snakes already seen, we have our fingers crossed for a glimpse of a turkey, deer, or bear.

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When campers come back from hikes, it’s lunchtime! You can feel the anticipation in the room as every cabin holds their breath to find out who will win the fabled Pink Flamingos for the cleanest cabin. These flamingos are prized possessions and have a lot of competition about who gets them. Before activities begin, we have rest hour, otherwise known as the best hour, when campers and counselors alike enjoy the reflective time in the cabins.

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Activities begin and kids rush out to encounter new challenges. Friendships form during free time as the campers experience the rush of the zip-line or relax on the yoga mats. Dinner approaches, bringing the special appearance of superheroes Ortman and Scrappy, who help the camp manage and learn about ORT (organic recyclable trash). After Evening Program, campers return to their cabins to get some well-deserved rest. As they get cozy it’s time for RBT (rose bud thorn), a camp tradition that always ends the day on a sweet note.

Story by Johanna Lamont with photos by Brandon S. Marshall & Samantha Keebler