GRP's 2022 Impact Report

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Please read our full 2022 Impact Report Here.

Dear GRP Community,

As I reflect on our progress over the last 35 years there is so much to celebrate We have made great strides - where once campers rode in the open beds of pickup trucks to mentor hikes they now bounce along the road in fantastically reimagined school buses; our trails have expanded over our 3400+ acres in new and different directions; our populations served are increasingly diverse thanks to the many, rich partnerships we have cultivated in the region. And while change and transition are a constant, Green River Preserve holds steadfast to our core mission of inspiring environmental stewards through a joyful connection to nature. So as we look forward to our upcoming season (and our 35th summer), we are rooted in our values and our core truth - we exist to play, inspire, and educate and we do so through a nature-centered focus.

The entirety of our programming utilizes the land - our forests, rivers, caves, and bald mountains - as a foundation for teaching and forging connections. Through a curiosity driven approach we inspire life-long learners, leaders, and Earth advocates. Your support makes it all possible.

As we look ahead, there are many bright spots from our short history to celebrate:

  • Our first summer had 75 campers over 2 sessions. In 2022, we had 6 camp sessions and 10 expeditions, welcoming 564 campers total!
  • The School of Environmental Education (SEE) was created to help sustain the summer camp in the shoulder seasons. SEE started in the early 90’s with three schools. In 2022, our SEE program hosted 19 schools from Asheville to New Orleans serving 866 students and 161 parent participants.
  • We are grateful to be in a place where we can invest in business and improve our assets. This past year we broke ground - and are nearing completion on - a gorgeous Fly Fishing Pavilion that overlooks our lakes. This is quite the evolution from budgeting every dollar to buy big ticket kitchen appliances in 1988.
  • Our camp and our community are vibrant and ever evolving; we have welcomed new staff (including 3 new year round team members) and even reimagined old traditions like our cabinville names and woodcraft laws. This is a long way away from our days of operating on a shoestring, not being able to pay our admin, and staff training being 3 days!
  • We have intentionally made efforts to increase our diversity amongst our staff and camper community. The summer of 2022 was one for the books. We had the most diverse camp community in GRP’s history. We are committed to the work that ensures diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Our ability to focus on the alignment of our mission and vision is critical to our ongoing success. The following report highlights our organizational health and the positive impact of our educational approach. On behalf of all of us at Green River Preserve, thank you for your continued support and generosity. Your commitment to our growth is critical to our continued success.

Thank you for believing in the magic of GRP,

Anne & Steve