Notes from the Field: BRX 1

Hello 2018 BRX 1 friends and families! We have been eager to share a little update from Reasonover creek, also known as the BRX basecamp.

Monday, the crew came into GRP base camp to do some climbing on the tower and some group team building games at the low ropes course. They also were lucky enough to work with our extremely talented theater coordinator, Edwin, and play many interactive group-bonding activities. The day ended with a cookout, burger dinner.

Monday’s climbing helped prepare the group for Tuesday’s rock climbing adventure. What a success! Everyone climbed and all had fun. The location for the real rock adventure was a local spot with an amazing waterfall. The roar from the falls drowns out the human chatter from below and makes for a unique climbing experience. A recent flash flood showed the group the power of water. Trees that were more than three feet in diameter were snapped six feet above the ground. On one boulder, 10 or 15 feet tall at the base of the falls, sat a 40 foot long piece of a tree roughly 3 feet in diameter.

On the hike out, the group stopped a little ways upstream to enjoy a refreshing dip. They returned to their base camp to have a birthday dinner for James and then I (Stephen) was lucky enough to surprise them with some birthday ice cream. I also was able to be present for our GRP evening tradition of “rose thorn bud”. The birthday boy said, “I am thankful for such a special day. I am so glad Eli encouraged me to move past a difficult part of the climb I was on. I know I made it further than I thought because of Eli’s encouragement.” Just FYI- James made it to the top!

All of the expeditioner’s roses for the day involved climbing or swimming. The thorns involved some bruises from the climbing experience and the early wake up. Buds were for the earth skill day on Wednesday, cooking, or the backpacking trip.

Overall, things are going great on BRX. They are looking forward to their upcoming backpacking trip and all the experiences to come. Stay tuned for more adventures from the field.