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Climbing and hiking and kayaking, oh my!

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Earlier this week, the Expedition programs in Cedar Mountain and Stella, North Carolina, began with introductions to new friends and reunions between old friends. The Outer Banks Expeditioners have enjoyed settling into their new coastal home that looks and feels much different to Base Camp. This hearty group of sea-kayaking Expeditioners have already built a strong team and have conquered every team-building initiative thrown their way. They have spent the past few days exploring the White Oak River, honing in on their paddling skills and practicing rescue techniques in preparation for their next adventure. While the Outer Banks team has enjoyed experiencing the unique swamps and hardwood forests of the White Oak River, the team is excited to continue exploring coastal North Carolina.

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The Blue Ridge Expeditioners have also begun a great adventure. In the past few days, the Blue Ridge Expedition team has settled into their home that neighbors GRP Base Camp. An exuberant bunch of hikers, they have broken in their hiking boots on some of our most challenging Base Camp trails. After a day of hiking and practicing rock climbing on the Base Camp tower, the Blue Ridge team challenged themselves to conquer real rock. These Expeditioners loved the opportunity to test their climbing and belaying skills on Bear Rock. Most recently, this team proved their primitive skills, creating baskets out of local Tulip Poplar. The Blue Ridge Expeditioners have just embarked on an exciting backpacking trip to explore nearby mountains, and we can’t wait to hear more about their travels when they return.