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GRP's 2021 Impact Report

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Please read our full 2021 Impact Report Here.

Dear GRP Family,

We write to you to share the successes of our past year which would not have been possible without your support. The opportunity to forge ahead with plans of a summer camp transformed in 2021 was due to your commitment to GRP and our mission. That commitment is not taken lightly. Your belief in our approach and programming highlights the trust that underpins our operations.

Reinforced by that trust, we as a leadership team dove wholeheartedly into making 2021 evolutionary. We sought and consulted with scientific experts, and devoured every report published relevant to camp and COVID. Because of our nimble approach and exhaustive preparation, we created a multi-step process to keep our community safe while still providing quality programs. Over and over we heard (and witnessed) that children needed the connections and positive health impacts that camp affords. Our meticulous efforts were rewarded and we did not experience a single case of COVID at camp last year.

Your engagement allowed for the most successful financial year in camp’s history. Not only were donations in 2021 the highest ever, enrollment was at an all time high, too. Through strong community partnerships and generous contributions, we served more campers and expeditioners from historically excluded demographics than ever before. These, combined with the government’s paycheck protection loans (PPP) and a few small grants, enabled us to crawl out of debt and invest in the future of GRP. We have historically operated on a shoestring, but the successes of 2021 have helped in stabilizing our footing. Hopefully, we can weather any unforeseen future storms with a bit more ease.

You made this past year not only possible, but remarkable - every carefree adventure, every fireside gathering, every night spent sleeping under the stars. You share our belief that GRP is exactly the camp we need for the world we want - and every kid deserves this opportunity. The impact we create together is for a lifetime - we simply could not do it without you.

Thank you for believing in (and trusting) the magic of GRP,

Anne & Steve

Check out our complete report here!

2021 Impact Report