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Western Expeditions - Enroll Now, Spaces Are Limited!

Did you know that Green River Preserve offers a summer expedition out west for teens ages 16-18? Western is considered the capstone of our backcountry expeditions and it guarantees an awesome experience at elevations considerably higher than here in our beloved Blue Ridge mountains. This field-based course is focused on the ecology of the San Juan Mountain Ecosystem where participants spend 3 weeks exploring southwest Colorado and northern New Mexico - hiking the backcountry around Silverton, CO, exploring Indigenous archaeological sites in Chaco Canyon, AZ, and rafting the Colorado River. Late June is a magical time in this part of the country; the wild flowers are in bloom, the days are long and warm, and the night sky is endlessly star-filled.

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It is impossible to expect that with so much time spent together, that everything would always go smoothly. It didn’t matter though, because we all showed up as a community. Through the good and the bad we were there for each other. We built something great together and even more the participants each benefited from this experience themselves in their own unique ways. I was able to witness confidence shine through this group! And these young adults had every reason to be confident for they accomplished feats not many people even get to attempt. It was their jovial spirit, inquisitive nature, and deeply profound introspection that gave me and my co-leader Marley the confidence that they would take all of this with them into the world to help make it a better place.

Sean Botzenhart - Western Expeditions Leader '21